Aesthetic Foraging at Jacobs Ladder

Katalina Caliendo As it can be for many others, long walks are both inspiring and rejuvenating to my practice and well being. My making practice has always been responsive to landscape, not only by the solace gained, but also how the act of walking adds to my visual collection of moments. While I often documentContinue reading “Aesthetic Foraging at Jacobs Ladder”


A Fragment of Stone Edgar Ward

Edgar Ward is a sculptor with a background in architectural stone carving. He is currently in the first year of the MA in Ceramics at the Royal College of Art. He works with the tactile processes of carving stone and ceramic to make sculptures about his experiences of nature, architecture, and I kept aContinue reading “A Fragment of Stone Edgar Ward”

Object: Electric Vapour Diffuser [Essential Oils] Róisín O’Connor

Ruminating on how general well-being is informed by the sensorial environment Róisín O’Connor shares how daily rituals which engage us with our surrondings in reflective capacities help us better engage with objects sustainably . “The object’s sole purpose is to produce something completely invisible, yet deeply sensed by an individual”. As an object, the formContinue reading “Object: Electric Vapour Diffuser [Essential Oils] Róisín O’Connor”

31 oct 2019

…form is death, form giving is life…Art does not reproduce the visible, but makes visible -Paul Klee Ingold, T. (2011) Being alive: essays on movement, knowledge and description. London: Routledge. Tsing, A.L. (2015) The mushroom at the end of the world: on the possibility of life in capitalist ruins. Princeton: Princeton University Press. Form-giving byContinue reading “31 oct 2019”