Object: Electric Vapour Diffuser [Essential Oils] Róisín O’Connor

Ruminating on how general well-being is informed by the sensorial environment Róisín O’Connor shares how daily rituals which engage us with our surrondings in reflective capacities help us better engage with objects sustainably .

“The object’s sole purpose is to produce something completely invisible, yet deeply sensed by an individual”.

As an object, the form is intrinsic to its utility. There were seemingly few considerations made in overall design or aesthetic; arguably it resembles a small ‘Tupperware’. The discreet white opaque plastic vessel sits quietly on my bedside table. It is filled with a small amount of water, and a few drops of oil. Then it is connected to an adapter and activated by a push-button, at which point it instantly evaporates and emits a vapour that is diffused into the atmosphere. The object’s sole purpose is to produce something completely invisible, yet deeply sensed by an individual. Meditation with aromatherapy has aided my mindfulness practice, as a daily exercise in helping to heal from the past, embrace the present, and not be fearful of the future.

Scent has been used for centuries in meditation practices around the world, and when used in mindfulness meditation, it can aid concentration in opening pathways for spiritual exploration.

Fern Fossils (2019), Róisín O’Connor

As a person living with Generalised Anxiety Disorder with panic attacks, meditation is invaluable for the stability of my psychological health.

Human skin is roughly 1.25mm thick and without an exoskeleton, only a keratinised layer of skin cells can protect our body from harmful pathogens and bacteria. But what of the harmful interactions with humans or our own opinions of self-worth; can harm done to the body on a neurological level impact the delicate balance of our psychological health? This is perhaps why I turned to fragrance to cure the anxieties I couldn’t see but could feel, as scent and emotion are part of the same invisible realm.

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